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    • Brad King's avatar
      Simplify CMake per-source license notices · 86578ecc
      Brad King authored
      Per-source copyright/license notice headers that spell out copyright holder
      names and years are hard to maintain and often out-of-date or plain wrong.
      Precise contributor information is already maintained automatically by the
      version control tool.  Ultimately it is the receiver of a file who is
      responsible for determining its licensing status, and per-source notices are
      merely a convenience.  Therefore it is simpler and more accurate for
      each source to have a generic notice of the license name and references to
      more detailed information on copyright holders and full license terms.
      Our `Copyright.txt` file now contains a list of Contributors whose names
      appeared source-level copyright notices.  It also references version control
      history for more precise information.  Therefore we no longer need to spell
      out the list of Contributors in each source file notice.
      Replace CMake per-source copyright/license notice headers with a short
      description of the license and links to `Copyright.txt` and online information
      available from "https://cmake.org/licensing".  The online URL also handles
      cases of modules being copied out of our source into other projects, so we
      can drop our notices about replacing links with full license text.
      Run the `Utilities/Scripts/filter-notices.bash` script to perform the majority
      of the replacements mechanically.  Manually fix up shebang lines and trailing
      newlines in a few files.  Manually update the notices in a few files that the
      script does not handle.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Check*: Allow result variables to contain regex special characters (#14923) · 4f2fcce4
      Brad King authored
      Prior to the existence of the if(DEFINED) condition, many of our Check
      modules implemented the condition with a hack that takes advantage of
      the auto-dereference behavior of the if() command to detect if a
      variable is defined.  The hack has the form:
       if("${VAR} MATCHES "^${VAR}$")
      where "${VAR}" is a macro argument reference.  However, this does not
      work when the variable named in the macro argument contains characters
      that have special meaning in regular expressions, such as '+'.  Run the
       git grep -E 'if\("\$\{.*\}" MATCHES "\^\$\{.*\}\$"\)' -- Modules/Check*
      to identify lines with this problem.  Use if(NOT DEFINED) instead.
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    • Stephen Kelly's avatar
      Handle targets in the LINK_LIBRARIES of try_compile. · 236133e7
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Imported targets are re-exported so that they can be used by the
      try_compile generated code with target_link_libraries.
      This makes the use of the cmake_expand_imported_targets macro
      obsolete. The macro is not able to expand the generator expressions
      which may appear in the IMPORTED_LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES content.
      Instead it just sees them as 'not a target'.
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    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      Remove CMake-language block-end command arguments · 9db31162
      Kitware Robot authored
      Ancient versions of CMake required else(), endif(), and similar block
      termination commands to have arguments matching the command starting the
      block.  This is no longer the preferred style.
      Run the following shell code:
      for c in else endif endforeach endfunction endmacro endwhile; do
          echo 's/\b'"$c"'\(\s*\)(.\+)/'"$c"'\1()/'
      done >convert.sed &&
      git ls-files -z -- bootstrap '*.cmake' '*.cmake.in' '*CMakeLists.txt' |
      egrep -z -v '^(Utilities/cm|Source/kwsys/)' |
      egrep -z -v 'Tests/CMakeTests/While-Endwhile-' |
      xargs -0 sed -i -f convert.sed &&
      rm convert.sed
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      Convert CMake-language commands to lower case · 77543bde
      Kitware Robot authored
      Ancient CMake versions required upper-case commands.  Later command
      names became case-insensitive.  Now the preferred style is lower-case.
      Run the following shell code:
      cmake --help-command-list |
      grep -v "cmake version" |
      while read c; do
          echo 's/\b'"$(echo $c | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]')"'\(\s*\)(/'"$c"'\1(/g'
      done >convert.sed &&
      git ls-files -z -- bootstrap '*.cmake' '*.cmake.in' '*CMakeLists.txt' |
      egrep -z -v '^(Utilities/cm|Source/kwsys/)' |
      xargs -0 sed -i -f convert.sed &&
      rm convert.sed
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    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      Check*.cmake: Expand imported targets in CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES · 35c48e12
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      Add the function cmake_expand_imported_targets() to expand imported
      targets in a list of libraries into their on-disk file names for a
      particular configuration.  Adapt the implementation from KDE's
      use for over 2 years.  Call the function from all the Check*.cmake
      macros to handle imported targets named in CMAKE_REQUIRED_LIBRARIES.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Convert CMake non-find modules to BSD License · 3a666595
      Brad King authored
      This adds copyright/license notification blocks CMake's non-find
      modules.  Most of the modules had no notices at all.  Some had notices
      referring to the BSD license already.  This commit normalizes existing
      notices and adds missing notices.
  22. 17 Sep, 2009 2 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      Brad King authored
      macros to recognize a FAIL_REGEX option.  If they see the regular
      expression in the output of the test compilation, the check fails.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Cleanup generic compiler check macro documentation · 80af3ae3
      Brad King authored
      This commit improves formatting and style of the documentation for the
      general-purpose compiler check macros:
      This sytle is more consistent with CMake command documentation.
      It also looks nicer in the generated documentation text files.
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