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      Revert "specify language flag when source LANGUAGE property is set" · 30aa715f
      Brad King authored
      Revert commit 74b1c9fc (Explicitly specify language flag when source
      LANGUAGE property is set, 2020-06-01, v3.19.0-rc1~722^2) and the lookup
      tables from its two immediate ancestors.  The purpose of that change was
      to convert an explicit `LANGUAGE` source file property into an explicit
      language specification compiler flag like `-x c`.  This seems reasonable
      since the property is documented as meaning "indicate what programming
      language the source file is".  It is also needed to help compilers deal
      with non-standard source file extensions they don't recognize.
      However, some projects have been setting `LANGUAGE C` on `.S` assembler
      source files to mean "use the C compiler".  Passing `-x c` for them
      breaks the build because the `.S` sources are not written in C.  These
      projects should be updated to use `enable_language(ASM)`, for which
      CMake often chooses the C compiler as the assembler when using
      toolchains that support it (which would have to be the case for projects
      using the approach).
      Revert the change for now to preserve the old behavior for such projects.
      We can re-introduce it with a policy in a future version of CMake.
      Fixes: #21469
      Issue: #14516, #20716
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