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      Cleanup FortranCInterface for PGI and GCC 4.2 · edcddb52
      Brad King authored
      This documents the purpose of the extra my_module_.c and mymodule.c
      source files, and sorts the symbols.
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      Overhaul GetPrerequisites and BundleUtilities: make fixup_bundle do something... · fe0b121d
      David Cole authored
      Overhaul GetPrerequisites and BundleUtilities: make fixup_bundle do something useful on Windows and Linux.
      Formerly, fixup_bundle was useful only on the Mac for making standalone bundle applications that could be drag-n-drop moved to anyplace in the file system. fixup_bundle is not just for the Mac any more. It will now analyze executable files on Windows and Linux, too, and copy necessary non-system dlls to the same folder that the executable is in. This should work with dlls that you build as part of your build and also with 3rd-party dlls as long as you give fixup_bundle the right list of directories to search for those dlls. Many thanks to Clinton Stimpson for his help in ironing out the details involved in making this work.
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      Rewrite FortranCInterface module · 80f0201b
      Brad King authored
      This is a new FortranCInterface.cmake module to replace the previous
      prototype.  All module support files lie in a FortranCInterface
      directory next to it.
      This module uses a new approach to detect Fortran symbol mangling.  We
      build a single test project which defines symbols in a Fortran library
      (one per object-file) and calls them from a Fortran executable.  The
      executable links to a C library which defines symbols encoding all known
      manglings (one per object-file).  The C library falls back to the
      Fortran library for symbols it cannot provide.  Therefore the executable
      will always link, but prefers the C-implemented symbols when they match.
      These symbols store string literals of the form INFO:symbol[<name>] so
      we can parse them out of the executable.
      This module also provides a simpler interface.  It always detects the
      mangling as soon as it is included.  A single macro is provided to
      generate mangling macros and optionally pre-mangled symbols.
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      Allow for static libraries to depend on other targets so that the MSBuild runs... · 7b36fd63
      Bill Hoffman authored
      Allow for static libraries to depend on other targets so that the MSBuild runs build things in the correct order
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      Remove WXDialog source code · 87442aef
      Brad King authored
      The QtDialog is our supported cross-platform GUI, so the WXDialog source
      is no longer needed.
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      Remove FLTKDialog source code · 32869ea3
      Brad King authored
      The QtDialog is our supported cross-platform GUI, so the FLTKDialog
      source is no longer needed.
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      Fix find_package for cmake-gui registry entry · be24db77
      Brad King authored
      The find_package commands looks at the "WhereBuild" registry entries
      created by CMakeSetup and cmake-gui hoping that the project was recently
      built.  CMakeSetup created WhereBuild1..WhereBuild10 but cmake-gui
      creates WhereBuild0-WhereBuild9.
      This fixes find_package to look at WhereBuild0 so that the most recently
      configured project can be found.  It is important in the case that the
      package to be found was the last one configured in cmake-gui but the
      current project that is finding it is configured from the command line.
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · b592154b
      Kitware Robot authored
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