1. 01 May, 2017 1 commit
    • Chuck Atkins's avatar
      Compilers: Add common macros to be used by various compilers · 1de70845
      Chuck Atkins authored
      With numerous compilers now supporting multiple language standards in CMake,
      some common design patterns have begun to emerge.  This is intended to
      be a collection of macros implementing many of those common design
      patterns that can be factored out and leveraged by many compilers.
      Currently this only contains the code to set the default language
      standard of not preset.  More functionality will be added in the future
      as appropriate.
  2. 28 Apr, 2017 3 commits
  3. 27 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Chuck Atkins's avatar
      XL: Fix the use of the -qhalt flag for varying OSs · f320907b
      Chuck Atkins authored
      The valid settings to pass to the IBM XL compiler for the -qhalt flag
      vary widely by language and platform.  Based on existing documentation,
      the following table shows which error levels are valid to pass to
      -qhalt= since -qhalt=e is not always available.
      OS       |  xlc  |  xlC  |   xlf   |
      AIX      | iwes  | iw s  | ilwesu  |
      BlueGene | iwes  | iwes  | ilwesu  |
      OS X     | iwesu | iwesu | ilwesu  |
      Linux    |  w    |  w    | ilwesu  |
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  7. 23 Apr, 2017 1 commit
    • Alex Turbov's avatar
      Boost Fiber actually require at least C++11. · 4c2ae38b
      Alex Turbov authored
      Some boost libraries may require particular set of compler features.
      The very first one was `boost::fiber` introduced in Boost 1.62.
      One can check required compiler features of it in
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  16. 11 Apr, 2017 2 commits
    • Alex Turbov's avatar
      project: Add `DESCRIPTION` parameter · 3b484871
      Alex Turbov authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      It is quite often the project description has used in a real world software.
      Examples include:
      * part of a help screen of the application
      * builtin resources (`*.rc` files, data for "About" dialog of a GUI app, & etc)
      * most generators for CPack can use it
      * it could be used by documentary software (Doxygen, Sphinx) which is usually
        integrated to CMake based projects via `add_custom_target()`
      Now `project()` call learned an optional `DESCRIPTION` parameter with a
      short string describing a project. Being specified, it would set the
      `PROJECT_DESCRIPTION` variable which could be used in `configure_file()`
      or whatever user wants.  Also `PROJECT_DESCRIPTION` is a default value
    • Ľubomír Carik's avatar
      macOS: Enable Hi-DPI support in applications by default · d9140305
      Ľubomír Carik authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Every desktop application should be HiDPI ready in present.
      Based on information from Qt documentation enabling properties in
      `Info.plist` is sufficient to activate this feature.
      Newer versions of `qmake` do it.
      Signed-off-by: Ľubomír Carik's avatarĽubomír Carik <Lubomir.Carik@gmail.com>
  17. 10 Apr, 2017 2 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      RC: Mark CMAKE_RC_FLAGS_<CONFIG> cache entries as advanced · 89b92a98
      Brad King authored
      These were added by commit v3.8.0-rc4~4^2~1 (RC: Add missing
      CMAKE_RC_FLAGS_<CONFIG> entries to cache, 2017-03-28) and should be
      advanced as they are for other languages.
    • Robert Dailey's avatar
      FindPythonInterp: Add `-32` and `-64` registry entry variants · 9d15d3c7
      Robert Dailey authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      As of 3.6.1 Python (only version tested in this case), installing 32-bit
      version on 64-bit windows has a slightly different registry key path.
      `-32` is appended to the end of the version number in the path.  Also
      added a few more registry path guesses based on 64-bit version of
      Also the module now checks if the host is WIN32 instead of the target,
      which is required if you are cross compiling.
  18. 07 Apr, 2017 1 commit