1. 16 Dec, 2008 4 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: Warn if build dir is too long for filesystem · 205fce61
      Brad King authored
      When an object file directory is too deep to place an object file
      without exceeding CMAKE_OBJECT_PATH_MAX, this issues a warning.
      Previously we silently ignored the problem.  See issue #7860.
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      ENH: Refactor passing of max length object dir · 3cf9265f
      Brad King authored
      When computing the maximum length full path to the build directory under
      which object files will be placed, pass the actual path instead of just
      its length.  This will be useful for error message generation.
    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: Strengthen FindPackageTest version check · 63e186a8
      Brad King authored
      The previous change to test finding in lib/cmake/<name>* weakened the
      versioned find tests.  Since the lib/cmake paths are searched before
      lib/<name>* paths the previous change skipped requiring the command to
      ignore zot-3.0 when finding zot-3.1.  This change restores that and adds
      zot-4.0 to test the lib/cmake path.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · 8ecd9ed7
      Brad King authored
  2. 15 Dec, 2008 3 commits
    • Clinton Stimpson's avatar
      · 515ce931
      Clinton Stimpson authored
      BUG:  Fix for #8247.
            Add QT_TRANSLATIONS_DIR pointing to the Qt translation files, and docs for it.
            Also add docs for QT_BINARY_DIR.
    • Francois Bertel's avatar
      COMP:Fixed warnings. · ef36d72c
      Francois Bertel authored
    • Brad King's avatar
      BUG: Fix <CONFIG>_POSTFIX property/variable docs · e4325e7d
      Brad King authored
      The CMAKE_<CONFIG>_POSTFIX variable and <CONFIG>_POSTFIX property were
      not documented.  This updates the CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX and DEBUG_POSTFIX
      documentation to refer to the more general variable/property.  It also
      clarifies that the variable is used as the property default only for
      non-executable targets.  See issue #7868.
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