1. 16 Jan, 2013 2 commits
  2. 15 Jan, 2013 18 commits
  3. 14 Jan, 2013 3 commits
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      KWSys 2013-01-14 (6fa1c99f) · 4ba0ac7b
      Kitware Robot authored
      Extract upstream KWSys using the following shell commands.
      $ git archive --prefix=upstream-kwsys/ 6fa1c99f | tar x
      $ git shortlog --no-merges --abbrev=8 --format='%h %s' 608d6b47..6fa1c99f
      Brad King (1):
            84827cc1 Process: Avoid argv[0]==NULL from parsing empty command line
      Rolf Eike Beer (8):
            e041cd66 SystemInformation: factor out QueryMemoryBySysconf()
            ea850fa0 SystemInformation: factor out QueryProcessorBySysconf()
            57f06d49 SystemInformation: count processors with sysconf() on Solaris
            c6057a06 SystemInformation: fix "Multi-character character constant"
            5a27bd4f SystemInformation: make IsHyperThreadingSupported() return bool
            342c0ad2 SystemInformation: query memory size with sysconf() on Solaris
            f0b857c1 SystemInformation: cache result of IsHyperThreadingSupported()
            ab0c2a09 SystemInformation: try using assembler with BorlandC
      Change-Id: I072371ed35eed892a5ef62a9e9e6cad734e961d9
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 36480eaf
      Kitware Robot authored
  4. 13 Jan, 2013 4 commits
  5. 12 Jan, 2013 1 commit
  6. 11 Jan, 2013 6 commits
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      KWSys 2013-01-10 (608d6b47) · 6318834b
      Kitware Robot authored
      Extract upstream KWSys using the following shell commands.
      $ git archive --prefix=upstream-kwsys/ 608d6b47 | tar x
      $ git shortlog --no-merges --abbrev=8 --format='%h %s' fc60c8b8..608d6b47
      Rolf Eike Beer (6):
            297758a5 SystemInformation: fix conversion warning
            79ef34ef SystemInformation: fix calling kwsysProcess_WaitForData()
            f1068caf SystemInformation: speed up copying process data
            7dfc27d5 SystemInformation: check CPU vendor and SSE support on OpenBSD
            494d9d7a SystemInformation: get stepping code on Intel Macs
            608d6b47 SystemInformation: determine processor features on Intel Macs
      Change-Id: I7f5bc5b7af2bf7d4e5c1ee291c286add0f17a7d5
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      Merge topic 'LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES-genex' · c0c8ef85
      Brad King authored
      77d26467 Allow generator expressions in LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES.
      94aeaf72 Split LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES export handling into dedicated method.
      a3aedb81 Split the generator expression before extracting targets.
      b6036d10 Extract the AddTargetNamespace method.
      cb1afbf4 Don't pass a position when determining if a target name is a literal.
      f99196dc Add cmGeneratorExpression::Split() API.
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      Merge topic 'fix-imported-lib-linking-test' · ffe93315
      Brad King authored
      93034a83 Fix linking to imported libraries test.
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      CMake: Skip empty link.txt lines (#13845) · 8ff1d471
      Brad King authored
      In the implementation of "cmake -E cmake_link_script", skip lines from
      the input file that are empty or contain only whitespace.  Do not try to
      run a child with no command line.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 59290866
      Kitware Robot authored
  7. 10 Jan, 2013 6 commits
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      Allow generator expressions in LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES. · 77d26467
      Stephen Kelly authored
      The Config and IMPORTED_ variants may also contain generator
      If 'the implementation is the interface', then the result of
      evaluating the expressions at generate time is used to populate
      1) In the case of non-static libraries, this is fine because the
        user still has the option to populate the LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES
        with generator expressions if that is what is wanted.
      2) In the case of static libraries, this prevents a footgun,
        enforcing that the interface and the implementation are really
        the same.
        Otherwise, the LINK_LIBRARIES could contain a generator
        expression which is evaluated with a different context at build
        time, and when used as an imported target. That would mean that the
        result of evaluating the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property for
        a static library would not necessarily be the 'link implementation'.
        For example:
          add_library(libone STATIC libone.cpp)
          add_library(libtwo STATIC libtwo.cpp)
          add_library(libthree STATIC libthree.cpp)
          target_link_libraries(libthree libtwo)
        If the LINK_LIBRARIES content was simply copied to the
        IMPORTED_LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES, then libthree links to libone, but
        executables linking to libthree will not link to libone.
      3) As the 'implementation is the interface' concept is to be
        deprecated in the future anyway, this should be fine.
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      Split the generator expression before extracting targets. · a3aedb81
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Now that we're processing a LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES string, it
      can contain targets. Make sure they are extracted for
      namespacing purposes.
      This needs to be restricted to strings which can actually have
      targets named in them. For example, this is not done for
      INTERFACE_COMPILE_DEFINITIONS, because even if there is a target
      named 'foo', the string 'foo' in that property means that '-Dfoo'
      will be set when compiling.
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      Extract the AddTargetNamespace method. · b6036d10
      Stephen Kelly authored
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      Don't pass a position when determining if a target name is a literal. · cb1afbf4
      Stephen Kelly authored
      The lastPos refers to a position in a different string.
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      Add cmGeneratorExpression::Split() API. · f99196dc
      Stephen Kelly authored
      It can split a string like
       "A" "$<1:B>" "$<1:C>" "D" "E" "$<1:F;G;H>" "$<1:I>" "J"