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      install: Remove error condition using INCLUDES DESTINATION without EXPORT. · 72d13ff4
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Commit 650e61f8 (Add a convenient way to add the includes install
      dir to the INTERFACE., 2013-01-05) introduced an error case for
      using the install(TARGETS) command with specified INCLUDES DESTINATION,
      but no specified EXPORT set.
      It is convenient to use a variable to set the various destinations
      for different outputs (as KDE does), and some targets such as
      executables are installed but not exported. This was triggering
      the error case, but as it is a common case, remove the error.
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      Error if linked target has relative paths in INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES · 634bb33f
      Stephen Kelly authored
      We can do this check only if the TargetName is non-empty, which means
      that we're evaluating INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES from a linked
      dependency which was set using target_link_libraries.
      It is possible to have relative paths in INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES already
      in CMake, so that part will require a policy to fix.
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      Report an error on IMPORTED targets with a faulty INTERFACE · 28051f11
      Stephen Kelly authored
      It is considered an error if the INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES contains
      a directory which does not exist, which indicates a programmer error
      by the upstream, or a packaging error.
      One of the RunCMake.CompatibleInterface tests also needs to be updated
      due to this change. Non-existant includes were used in the test, but
      are not needed.
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      install(EXPORT): Ensure clean INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES · af81a3c3
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Check that source and binary directories are not part of the
      This is limited to directories which do not contain generator
      expressions to evaluate. Such paths can only be checked at time
      of use of the imported target, which will be done in a follow up
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