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    • David Cole's avatar
      ProcessorCount: Use ERROR_QUIET with execute_process (#11302) · e6c27010
      David Cole authored
      Also, comment out all "debugging" calls to message() that helped
      us interpret the output on other platforms when running on the
      dashboard clients.
      Using ERROR_QUIET avoids unnecessary stderr output while calling
      external tools to determine the processor count. If there's an
      error parsing the output, we set the count to 0 anyhow.
      Also, the test will fail on a CMake dashboard run if the count
      comes back equal to 0.
      Now that the code is "done"-ish, remove the debugging output.
      Expect no output on stdout or stderr when calling the
      ProcessorCount function from now on.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Disable Java test with Xcode generator · 80ccc9aa
      Brad King authored
      The parent commit 46c0a583 (Enable Java test more carefully on Apple,
      2011-03-18) failed to restore the exclusion of Xcode when enabling the
      Java test that was originally removed by commit c8f39193 (Avoid problem
      reading jni.h on Macs, 2010-10-25).  The Xcode generator does not work
      with the current Java support at all.
    • Andreas Schneider's avatar
    • Andreas Schneider's avatar
      Modules: Added CheckPrototypeDefinition module. · 4f252abe
      Andreas Schneider authored
      This check if the function exists and the prototype we want to use is
      correct. There are still functions which have different prototypes on
      different UNIX systems.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Enable Java test more carefully on Apple · 46c0a583
      Brad King authored
      The CTEST_RUN_Java option added by commit c8f39193 (Avoid problem
      reading jni.h on Macs, 2010-10-25) was a quick hack to disable the Java
      test on Mac machines after an update from Apple created a broken jni.h
      symlink.  Remove the option and instead test whether jni.h exists as a
      readable file before reading it.  This restores the original Java test
      enabling logic but makes it robust to the broken symlink.
    • Rolf Eike Beer's avatar
      CTest: catch warning output of Apache Maven · fcf3208a
      Rolf Eike Beer authored
      Some samples of things that got unnoticed by our nightly builds:
      $ JAVA_HOME= mvn
      Warning: JAVA_HOME environment variable is not set.
      $ mvn
      [INFO] Scanning for projects...
      [INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · 96453cea
      Kitware Robot authored
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