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    • Craig Scott's avatar
      FetchContent: Invoke steps directly and avoid a separate sub-build · 17e5516e
      Craig Scott authored
      The cost of setting up and executing a separate sub-build to do the
      download, update and patch steps required for FetchContent population
      can be significant with some platforms and CMake generators. Avoid the
      sub-build altogether by invoking the step scripts directly.
      Previously, if no generator was set (e.g. population was being done in
      script mode), a generator needed to be available on the default PATH.
      Since we no longer use a sub-build, this restriction is also now gone.
      Fixes: #21703
    • Craig Scott's avatar
      ExternalProject: Refactor pre-configure steps to support no-target uses · 4f3d1abb
      Craig Scott authored
      The mkdir, download, update and patch steps are used by
      FetchContent during the configure phase of the main build. Because
      these steps need a target, this has so far required a sub-build to be
      set up. The changes here factor out the preparation of the scripts
      from the creation of the targets, allowing future work to leverage these
      steps without a sub-build (see #21703).
      As part of the refactoring, some rationalisation of the stamp files,
      repository info files and script names was done to make things more
      consistent between download methods and step implementations.
      Every download method now records its own specific repository info
      in a file and that file is a dependency of the download step. The source
      directory is also written to that file, so if the SOURCE_DIR changes, the
      download will be retriggered (the existing implementation fails in this
      scenario). Each download method now also has just one driver script
      that implements the whole step (it may pull in other scripts to do its
      task though). The patch step gained support for USES_TERMINAL as
      a result of generalising the implementation for custom commands.
      Fixes: #21748
    • Brad King's avatar
    • Brad King's avatar
      Help: Restore docs that find_library considers LIB, not INCLUDE · c40e81ce
      Brad King authored
      Documentation updates in commit 02f527c6 (Find: Provide global
      controls for the `NO_[]_PATH` call options, 2019-06-12,
      v3.16.0-rc1~541^2) accidentally switched the `find_library`
      documentation to mention `INCLUDE` where it should be `LIB`.
      While at it, update `find_file` and `find_path` to mention
      `INCLUDE` and `PATH` in the order they are considered.
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    • William R. Dieter's avatar
      IntelLLVM: Add support for Intel LLVM-based compilers · a90d2a9e
      William R. Dieter authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Using a single ID 'IntelLLVM' for the suite of Intel compilers based on
      the LLVM backend.  The 'IntelLLVM' ID are used for C, C++, and Fortran.
      Data Parallel C++ will be handled in a separate commit.
      The C and C++ definitions are based on the Clang definitions.  The Intel
      LLVM-based C and C++ compilers are based on the Clang front end, so
      existing Clang options are more likely to be a good match than options
      for the older Intel compilers.
      Fortran is based on the older Fortran front end with the LLVM backend.
      It has a similar interface to the older versions, though many options
      are shared with the C and C++ compilers.
      Fixes: #21561
      Signed-off-by: William R. Dieter's avatarWilliam R. Dieter <>
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