1. 25 Nov, 2008 1 commit
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      BUG: Do not map install_name of imported targets · 0e03bd1a
      Brad King authored
      When we install a target on Mac, we generate a call to install_name_tool to fix
      install_name entries in the target for shared libraries it links.  This change
      makes the step ignore entries for imported targets since their install_name
      will not change and cmTarget cannot produce a mapping for them.  This fixes the
        GetLibraryNamesInternal called on imported target: kdelibs
      seen by kde folks.
  2. 03 Oct, 2008 1 commit
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      BUG: Fix config test for target install rules · 7f819903
      Brad King authored
      In single-configuration generators a target installation rule should
      apply to all configurations for which the INSTALL command was specified.
      The configuration in which the target is built does not matter.
      In multi-configuration generators each installation rule must be
      associated with a particular build configuration to install the proper
      file.  The set of configurations for which rules are generated is the
      intersection of the build configurations and those for which the INSTALL
      command was specified.
  3. 27 May, 2008 1 commit
  4. 14 Apr, 2008 1 commit
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      ENH: Improve RPATH behavior during installation. · fdc3bfff
      Brad King authored
        - If new RPATH is empty then remove the entry completely
        - Preserve file modification time so installation is not repeated
        - If installed file already exists remove it if its RPATH
          does not match that expected
  5. 08 Apr, 2008 1 commit
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      BUG: Correct Mac OS X framework behavior · 67834f2d
      Brad King authored
        - Place the built library in foo.framework/Versions/A/foo
        - Do not create unused content symlinks (like PrivateHeaders)
        - Do not use VERSION/SOVERSION properties for frameworks
        - Make cmTarget::GetDirectory return by value
        - Remove the foo.framework part from cmTarget::GetDirectory
        - Correct install_name construction and conversion on install
        - Fix MACOSX_PACKAGE_LOCATION under Xcode to use the
          Versions/<version> directory for frameworks
        - Update the Framework test to try these things
  6. 02 Mar, 2008 2 commits
  7. 01 Mar, 2008 1 commit
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      ENH: Use builtin chrpath instead of relinking ELF targets · 34c76d43
      Brad King authored
        - Add cmSystemTools::ChangeRPath method
        - Add undocumented file(CHRPATH) command
        - When installing use file(CHRPATH) to change the rpath
          instead of relinking
        - Remove CMAKE_CHRPATH lookup from CMakeFindBinUtils
        - Remove CMAKE_USE_CHRPATH option since this should
          always work
  8. 06 Feb, 2008 1 commit
  9. 04 Feb, 2008 2 commits
  10. 01 Feb, 2008 1 commit
  11. 29 Jan, 2008 2 commits
  12. 28 Jan, 2008 3 commits
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      ENH: Support exporting/importing of AppBundle targets. · e3b1bdb0
      Brad King authored
        - Imported bundles have the MACOSX_BUNDLE property set
        - Added cmTarget::IsAppBundleOnApple method to simplify checks
        - Document BUNDLE keyword in INSTALL command
        - Updated IMPORTED_LOCATION property documentation for bundles
        - Updated ExportImport test to test bundles
    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: Support exporting/importing of Framework targets. · 28ea0347
      Brad King authored
        - Imported frameworks have the FRAMEWORK property set
        - Added cmTarget::IsFrameworkOnApple method to simplify checks
        - Also remove separate IMPORTED_ENABLE_EXPORTS property and just use ENABLE_EXPORTS since, like FRAMEWORK, it just represents the target type.
        - Document FRAMEWORK keyword in INSTALL command.
        - Updated IMPORTED_LOCATION property documentation for Frameworks
    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: Updated exporting and importing of targets to support libraries and configurations. · 5594ad48
      Brad King authored
        - Created cmExportFileGenerator hierarchy to implement export file generation
        - Installed exports use per-config import files loaded by a central one.
        - Include soname of shared libraries in import information
        - Renamed PREFIX to NAMESPACE in INSTALL(EXPORT) and EXPORT() commands
        - Move addition of CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to destinations to install generators
        - Import files compute the installation prefix relative to their location when loaded
        - Add mapping of importer configurations to importee configurations
        - Rename IMPORT targets to IMPORTED targets to distinguish from windows import libraries
        - Scope IMPORTED targets within directories to isolate them
        - Place all properties created by import files in the IMPORTED namespace
        - Document INSTALL(EXPORT) and EXPORT() commands.
        - Document IMPORTED signature of add_executable and add_library
        - Enable finding of imported targets in cmComputeLinkDepends
  13. 10 Jan, 2008 1 commit
  14. 19 Dec, 2007 1 commit
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · ac017f7a
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      STYLE: fix warnings: comparison signed/unsigned, unused variable
  15. 18 Dec, 2007 1 commit
  16. 10 Oct, 2007 1 commit
  17. 24 Aug, 2007 1 commit
  18. 20 Aug, 2007 1 commit
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · 7db8c86a
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      STYLE: add some newlines to cmake_install.cmake, so it's easier to read
      -move the array behind the if, it's unused before it
  19. 03 Aug, 2007 1 commit
  20. 02 Jul, 2007 4 commits
  21. 28 Jun, 2007 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: First step of install script generator cleanup. Each configuration to be... · fdf7b203
      Brad King authored
      ENH: First step of install script generator cleanup.  Each configuration to be installed is now separately handled instead of using variables to store per-configuration names.  For targets the component and configuration install-time tests are now done in the install script instead of in the FILE(INSTALL) command.  This cleans things up like not trying to strip a file that was optionally not installed.  It also simplifies the code for install_name adjustment on OSX.  This commit is surrounded by the tags CMake-InstallGeneratorCleanup1-pre and CMake-InstallGeneratorCleanup1-post.
  22. 19 Jun, 2007 1 commit
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · 617602e9
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      STYLE: preparations for the INSTALL(EXPORT ...) generator
      -move std::string Destination to cmInstallGenerator, since all (except
      the script one) have it and add a const accessor so it can be queried
      -use temporary variables in cmInstallCommand for the generators so they can be reused easier
      -some more const
  23. 15 Jun, 2007 3 commits
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · 0ef8da2a
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      STYLE: remove code duplication between PrepareScriptReference and
      GetScriptReference, and make the logic for getting the filename public, so
      it can be used e.g. for exporting
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · 82375189
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      BUG: don't strip static libraries, it removes their symbol table, dynamic
      libs have an extra symbol table so they still work stripped
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · 69d36284
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      BUG: don't run strip on OPTIONAL install targets if the file doesn't exist
  24. 22 May, 2007 1 commit
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · 4878c009
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      ENH: add the IMPORT keyword to ADD_EXECUTABLE(), which generates an
      "imported" executable target. This can then be used e.g. with
      ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND() to generate stuff. It adds a second container for
      "imported" targets, and FindTarget() now takes an additional argument bool
      useImportedTargets to specify whether you also want to search in the
      imported targets or only in the "normal" targets.
  25. 18 May, 2007 2 commits
  26. 17 May, 2007 3 commits
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    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      STYLE: fix indentation · b47807fc
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      ENH: add hack to make new cmake work with older existing cmake build trees
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      · 61d3444f
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      ENH: merge CMake-CrossCompileBasic to HEAD
      -add CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE for specifiying your (potentially crosscompiling) toolchain
      -have TRY_RUN() complain if you try to use it in crosscompiling mode (which were compiled but cannot run on this system)
      -use CMAKE_EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX in TRY_RUN(), probably TRY_RUN won't be able to
      run the executables if they have a different suffix because they are
      probably crosscompiled, but nevertheless it should be able to find them
      -make several cmake variables presettable by the user: CMAKE_C/CXX_COMPILER, CMAKE_C/CXX_OUTPUT_EXTENSION, CMAKE_SYSTEM_NAME, CMAKE_SYSTEM_INFO_FILE
      -support prefix for GNU toolchains (arm-elf-gcc, arm-elf-ar, arm-elf-strip etc.)
      -move ranlib on OSX from the file command to a command in executed in cmake_install.cmake
      -add support for stripping during install in cmake_install.cmake
      -split out cl.cmake from Windows-cl.cmake, first (very incomplete) step to support MS crosscompiling tools
      -remove stdio.h from the simple C program which checks if the compiler works, since this may not exist for some embedded platforms
      -create a new CMakeFindBinUtils.cmake which collects the search fro ar, ranlib, strip, ld, link, install_name_tool and other tools like these
      -add support for CMAKE_FIND_ROOT_PATH for all FIND_XXX commands, which is a
      list of directories which will be prepended to all search directories, right
      now as a cmake variable, turning it into a global cmake property may need
      some more work
      -remove cmTestTestHandler::TryExecutable(), it's unused
      -split cmFileCommand::HandleInstall() into slightly smaller functions
  27. 19 Mar, 2007 1 commit
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      ENH: Added support for import libraries created by executable and module... · fc7c4334
      Brad King authored
      ENH: Added support for import libraries created by executable and module targets.  The module import libraries should never be used but some windows compilers always create them for .dll files since there is no distinction from shared libraries on that platform.  The executable import libraries may be used to create modules that when loaded bind to symbols from the executables.  This is an enhancement related to bug#4210 though not requested by it explicitly.