1. 01 Sep, 2009 11 commits
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      Test the user package registry · 07f029d6
      Brad King authored
      We teach the FindPackageTest to build a sample project that stores its
      build tree in the user package registry using export(PACKAGE), and then
      find it with find_package.
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      Teach export(PACKAGE) to fill the package registry · 16ce84b0
      Brad King authored
      We define the export(PACKAGE) command mode to store the location of the
      build tree in the user package registry.  This will help find_package
      locate the package in the build tree.  It simplies user workflow for
      manually building a series of dependent projects.
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      Teach find_package to search a "package registry" · ed0650f6
      Brad King authored
      A common user workflow is to build a series of dependent projects in
      order.  Each project locates its dependencies with find_package.  We
      introduce a "user package registry" to help find_package locate packages
      built in non-standard search locations.
      The registry explicitly stores locations of build trees providing
      instances of a given package.  There is no defined order among the
      locations specified.  These locations should provide package
      configuration files (<package>-config.cmake) and package version files
      (<package>-config-version.cmake) so that find_package will recognize the
      packages and test version numbers.
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      Use Intel for Linux flags only on Linux · 2eca4dd2
      Brad King authored
      The commit "Split Intel compiler information files" moved some Linux
      specific flags into the platform-independent Intel compiler info files.
      This moves them back.
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      Fix FortranCInterface_VERIFY for non-C++ case · dc788387
      Brad King authored
      The verification program entry point (main) is defined in a C source
      file, so the C compiler should be used to link when only Fortran and C
      are involved.  The C++ compiler should still be used when the CXX option
      is enabled.
    • Zach's avatar
      ENH: Improved test reporting output · 90cc5c5e
      Zach authored
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      Test link multiplicity export/import · d2591288
      Brad King authored
      We test that LINK_INTERFACE_MULTIPLICITY propagates through export() and
      install(EXPORT) into dependent projects.  A simple cycle of two archives
      that need to be scanned three times ensures that the importing project
      uses the multiplicity correctly.
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      Test link multiplicity · 0cfd8c41
      Brad King authored
      This tests the LINK_INTERFACE_MULTIPLICITY property for a cycle of three
      static libraries that must be scanned three times to link properly.
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      Define 'multiplicity' for cyclic dependencies · 69251f75
      Brad King authored
      We create target property "LINK_INTERFACE_MULTIPLICITY" and a per-config
      version "LINK_INTERFACE_MULTIPLICITY_<CONFIG>".  It sets the number of
      times a linker should scan through a mutually dependent group of static
      libraries.  The largest value of this property on any target in the
      group is used.  This will help projects link even for extreme cases of
      cyclic inter-target dependencies.
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      Make FortranCInterface_VERIFY verbose on failure · 78160cee
      Brad King authored
      We enable verbose build output in the try_compile of the simple project.
      This makes valuable information available in the case of failure.
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · 1d772a2b
      Kitware Robot authored
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