1. 29 Jan, 2011 40 commits
  2. 28 Jan, 2011 40 commits
  3. 27 Jan, 2011 40 commits
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      VSResource: Avoid windres /D with quoted spaces (#11695) · 008d116b
      David Cole authored
      Improve test: print out what's happening along the way.
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      Merge topic 'dev/strict-mode' · 182eb7c7
      Brad King authored
      dd2f8149 Merge branch 'dev/add_test-working-directory' into dev/strict-mode
      949d32c3 Unwatch manual variables upon removal in cmake-gui
      39390321 Unwatch manual variables upon removal in ccmake
      83544134 Add method to unwatch a manual variable
      8ed3c85c Give a better message for unused variables
      729db484 Fix ArgumentExpansion test expected results
      89c25443 Checking for a definition is a usage
      5625dee3 Don't output to stderr in the GUI
      ad25a968 Merge branch 'ImprovedDotSupport2' into dev/strict-mode
      c128abe3 Merge branch 'AddCMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR' into dev/strict-mode
      9bcaff02 Merge branch 'cmake-guiRememberAdvancedCheckbox' into dev/strict-mode
      544d0c37 Fix expected output for WarnUninitialized test
      4e3bea41 Update expected messages to new format
      8e8c9e49 Don't check at destruction for usage
      668e005d Use cmake::IssueMessage for warnings
      88cd4c1e Use 'CMake Warning' versus 'warning' for CDash
      3c3b98dd Initialize the class before setting warn flags
      cf8b15a5 Ignore files under the CMakeFiles directory
      fd50f06b Don't check for unused vars at configure time
      447a04c3 Don't warn during configure when doing everything
      b97ee21f Check for unused variables at the end of generate
      c18c977c When checking for variables, specify a reason
      3f1121f7 Use a long int since Line is a long as well
      2507f937 Change the failure case string to 'Unexpected'
      fe390a26 Add 'ArgumentExpansion' test
      8dbb2090 Wrong boolean value for CLI warnings
      d4ee998b Hard-code the --no-warn-unused-cli flag
      a267b99c Fix line lengths
      82ed104d Flag that the directories have been set
      5aa535bd Add argument to arg parsing to not set directories
      367e5c37 Revert "Revert "When calling CMake, set the args and the cache""
      ab5d4e43 Revert "When calling CMake, set the args and the cache"
      9b90040e When calling CMake, set the args and the cache
      fe56002a Fix long lines for KWStyle
      5d30cfc5 Set a watch on variables added through the gui
      33c63b19 Add a method to put a watch for variables
      535253f3 Initialize the warning variables earlier
      cbb286c0 Fix the path detection to work for top-level
      62be1f78 Initialize the usage stack earlier
      c6e7fabc Factor out the checks for unused variables
      5e41ba8e When using the API, check for Add vs. Remove
      dee19760 Fix typo in VariableUnusedViaUnset test
      f231ce5c Remove old false positive avoidance code
      a117e02c Revert "Add test for unused warnings at the end of scope"
      2c82f2b7 Exempt CMAKE(CURRENT|PARENT)_LIST_FILE from usage
      6d7d449c Ignore CLI warnings for ABI determination
      7740a738 Only return local keys that are defined
      bef3aeeb Use the API so that warnings can be tracked
      05cb0f4d Check for unused variables in the dtor
      91c4c992 Add test for unused warnings at the end of scope
      ca90f673 Fix detection of unused variables when setting
      f7438ca7 Add test for unused detection via setting it
      995cfb0e Don't warn if the variable wasn't defined
      aefc91dd Add test for usage checks via unset
      a8e97f8a Remove VarRemoved code since it's been superceded
      59463ef1 Rework CheckVariableForUnused usage
      f1174233 Fix line lengths to be no more than 78
      e49a935c Improve unused warning logic
      e01e40cb Mark ARGC, ARGV*, and ARGN as used
      a17aff74 Ignore CMAKE_MATCH_* variables for usage
      02a114df Add method to allow variables to be marked as used
      a0b0d23f CMAKE_DO_TRY_COMPILE is no longer used
      ae3eff35 Fix the path used for ignoring system warnings
      056b4411 Fix missing case for usage of a variable
      980e048a Factor out checks for unused variables
      83acb0a4 Remove now unused variables
      3801463c Use built-ins for readability and maintainability
      8b520158 Push the initialize and unused states when copying
      439877f6 Be consistent with single and double quotes
      4cf17062 Add documentation for check-system-vars
      b74777fd Fix the spelling of the flag for warn-unused-vars
      b9481207 Change logic of flag to turn off cli unused checks
      f047a17c Add test for uninitialized variables
      75bda386 Add tests for unused command line variables
      300fc157 Fix detection of system files
      d784e6af Run the unused variables check on the final pass
      9efc0572 VariableWatch is not available when bootstrapping
      2e782245 Add a missing comma to the warning message
      74997000 Add a flag to warn about system files
      fff9f6d6 Rename flags again and use variablewatch for cli
      786e2695 Add warn-unused to the Qt interface
      636e6c4e Default to marking things as used
      4ff03402 Rename find-unused to warn-unused
      d7999e9b Rename strict-mode to warn-uninitialized
      e141bc95 Detect unused variables
      d3e8eb50 Add flags to detect unused variables
      f332e14f Complete strict-mode checks for uninitialized vars
      52f96371 Add method to get the local scope variables
      f794d589 Make --strict-mode option, and integrate with cmake-gui
      48b5b855 Add a warning when variables are used uninitialized.
      cd626ea6 For macros make sure the FilePath points to a valid pointer in the args.
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      Merge branch 'dev/add_test-working-directory' into dev/strict-mode · dd2f8149
      Brad King authored
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      Xcode: Fix crash: avoid strlen call on NULL char * · b08657cf
      David Cole authored
      Thanks to Johan Björk for the report on the CMake mailing list.
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · 451c5f61
      Kitware Robot authored
  4. 26 Jan, 2011 40 commits
  5. 25 Jan, 2011 40 commits
  6. 24 Jan, 2011 40 commits
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      try_compile: Allow only languages loaded in caller (#11469) · c83a834d
      Brad King authored
      During a try_compile cmGlobalGenerator::EnableLanguage uses results from
      the outer project.  Reject attempts to enable languages in the test
      project that are not "ready" in the outer project.  Mark a language as
      "ready" when all its information has been loaded and we are ready to
      generate build rules.
      This also avoids infinite recursion introduced by commit 295b5b60 (Honor
      CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE in try_compile, 2010-06-29) for projects
      that set CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE to a file that uses try_compile.
      The file is loaded along with the information for a given langauge so
      the language is not yet "ready".
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · caa2dbeb
      Kitware Robot authored
  7. 23 Jan, 2011 40 commits
  8. 22 Jan, 2011 40 commits
  9. 21 Jan, 2011 40 commits
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      VS10: Enable using devenv as CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM (#11459) · 2ca11618
      David Cole authored
      If CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM is set to devenv, then GenerateBuildCommand
      uses it just like we used to do for VS8 and VS9. Otherwise, it
      still uses MSBuild.
      This will let us run the CMake test suite through devenv and make
      sure all the solution and project files we generate are load-able
      and build-able by the VS 2010 IDE, not just MSBuild.
      Inspired-By: Robert Lenhardt
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      VS10: Load projects with obj "source" files (#11147) · 0cde56dd
      David Cole authored
      WriteCLSources should skip source files with "obj" extensions
      since WriteObjSources has already written them into the vcxproj
      file. Likewise, WriteGroupSources should skip source files with
      "obj" extensions to avoid receiving "item ... already exists under
      the filter" project-load-time error messages from Visual Studio.
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · 73827b92
      Kitware Robot authored
  10. 20 Jan, 2011 40 commits