1. 30 Jul, 2008 6 commits
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      ENH: Recognize src extensions of all enabled langs · 0247a495
      Brad King authored
      For historical reasons we still support naming of source files without
      their extension.  Sources without known extensions are located on disk
      by iterating through a fixed set of possible extensions.  We now want
      users to always specify the extension, so the fixed set will not be
      expanded and is preserved for compatibility with older projects.
      This change adds recognition of extensions of all enabled languages to
      avoid checking the disk for files whose extensions are unambiguous but
      not in the original fixed set.
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      BUG: Preserve all non-targets on user link lines · 08221c2a
      Brad King authored
      In CMake 2.4 the generated link line for a target always preserved the
      originally specified libraries in their original order.  Dependencies
      were satisfied by inserting extra libraries into the line, though it had
      some bugs.  In CMake 2.6.0 we preserved only the items on the link line
      that are not known to be shared libraries.  This reduced excess
      libraries on the link line.  However, since we link to system libraries
      (such as /usr/lib/libm.so) by asking the linker to search (-lm), some
      linkers secretly replace the library with a static library in another
      implicit search directory (developers can override this by using an
      imported target to force linking by full path).  When this happens the
      order still matters.
      To avoid this and other potential subtle issues this commit restores
      preservation of all non-target items and static library targets.  This
      will create cases of unnecessary, duplicate shared libraries on the link
      line if the user specifies them, but at least it will work.  In the
      future we can attempt a more advanced analysis to safely remove
      duplicate shared libraries from the link line.
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      BUG: Preserve shared lib order for 2.4 compatibility · 96c9e7de
      Brad King authored
      We preserve the order and multiplicity of libraries directly linked by a
      target as specified by the user.  Items known to be shared libraries may
      be safely skipped because order preservation is only needed for static
      libraries.  However, CMake 2.4 did not skip shared libs, so we do the
      same when in 2.4 compatibility mode.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · bd4601f9
      Brad King authored
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  8. 23 Jul, 2008 4 commits
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      ENH: Support full-path libs w/out valid names. · b93f0318
      Brad King authored
      This change introduces policy CMP0008 to decide how to treat full path
      libraries that do not appear to be valid library file names.  Such
      libraries worked by accident in the VS IDE and Xcode generators with
      CMake 2.4 and below.  We support them in CMake 2.6 by introducing this
      policy.  See policy documentation added by this change for details.
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      ENH: Skip libs in known dirs for CMP0003 warnings. · 74d65360
      Brad King authored
      Sometimes we ask the linker to search for a library for which the path
      is known but for some reason cannot be specified by full path.  In these
      cases do not include the library in CMP0003 warnings because we know the
      extra paths are not needed for it.
    • Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva's avatar
      ENH: Updated FindImageMagick to: · 363727f6
      Miguel A. Figueroa-Villanueva authored
      - Find newer additions such as animate, compare, etc.
      - Find development api: Magick++, MagickCore, MagickWand
      - Use FindPackageHandleStandardArgs to output standard messages.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · ffd23186
      Brad King authored
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