Commit ff84a80b authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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FindHDF5: search for the new Fortran HL library name

HDF5 1.10.6 renamed this library to match the other language binding
library names.

Fixes: #20205
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......@@ -797,7 +797,7 @@ if( NOT HDF5_FOUND )
set(HDF5_Fortran_LIBRARY_NAMES hdf5_fortran ${HDF5_C_LIBRARY_NAMES})
set(HDF5_Fortran_HL_LIBRARY_NAMES hdf5hl_fortran ${HDF5_C_HL_LIBRARY_NAMES} ${HDF5_Fortran_LIBRARY_NAMES})
set(HDF5_Fortran_HL_LIBRARY_NAMES hdf5_hl_fortran hdf5hl_fortran ${HDF5_C_HL_LIBRARY_NAMES} ${HDF5_Fortran_LIBRARY_NAMES})
# suffixes as seen on Linux, MSYS2, ...
set(_lib_suffixes hdf5)
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