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 Help: prefer commit hashes in commit references
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......@@ -238,12 +238,10 @@ Referencing Commits in Commit Messages
The preferred form for references to other commits is
``commit <commit> (<subject>, <date>)``, where:
``commit <shorthash> (<subject>, <date>)``, where:
* ``<commit>``:
If available, a tag-relative name of the commit produced by
``git describe --contains <commit-ish>``. Otherwise, the first
8-10 characters of the commit ``<hash>``.
* ``<shorthash>``:
The abbreviated hash of the commit.
* ``<subject>``:
The first line of the commit message.
......@@ -252,6 +250,17 @@ The preferred form for references to other commits is
The author date of the commit, in its original time zone, formatted as
``CCYY-MM-DD``. ``git-log(1)`` shows the original time zone by default.
This may be generated with
``git show -s --date=short --pretty="format:%h (%s, %ad)" <commit>``.
If the commit is a fix for the mentioned commit, consider using a ``Fixes:``
trailer in the commit message with the specified format. This trailer should
not be word-wrapped. Note that if there is also an issue for what is being
fixed, it is preferrable to link to the issue instead.
If relevant, add the first release tag of CMake containing the commit after
the ``<date>``, i.e., ``commit <shorthash> (<subject>, <date>, <tag>)``.
Alternatively, the full commit ``<hash>`` may be used.
Revising Commit Messages
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