Commit fbaddf4e authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly

Escape the source file to be compiled if required.

Whitespaces in paths can otherwise cause invalid command lines to
be generated.
parent db839bec
......@@ -492,7 +492,10 @@ cmNinjaTargetGenerator
cmLocalGenerator::RuleVariables compileObjectVars;
std::string lang = language;
compileObjectVars.Language = lang.c_str();
compileObjectVars.Source = sourceFileName.c_str();
std::string escapedSourceFileName =
sourceFileName.c_str(), cmLocalGenerator::SHELL);
compileObjectVars.Source = escapedSourceFileName.c_str();
compileObjectVars.Object = objectFileName.c_str();
compileObjectVars.Flags = vars["FLAGS"].c_str();
compileObjectVars.Defines = vars["DEFINES"].c_str();
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