Commit fb3518dc authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Refactor system include annotation propagation

Since commit v3.0.0-rc1~174^2~1 (cmTarget: Fix system include annotation
propagation, 2014-01-01) the cmGeneratorTarget::IsSystemIncludeDirectory
method needs to collect all targets that might provide
INTERFACE_(|SYSTEM)_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES for the current target.  We now
have cmTarget::GetLinkImplementationClosure to provide this, so use it.
parent 535fd6ce
......@@ -445,13 +445,6 @@ bool cmGeneratorTarget::IsSystemIncludeDirectory(const std::string& dir,
if (iter == this->SystemIncludesCache.end())
cmTarget::LinkImplementation const* impl
= this->Target->GetLinkImplementation(config);
return false;
cmGeneratorExpressionDAGChecker dagChecker(
......@@ -471,35 +464,15 @@ bool cmGeneratorTarget::IsSystemIncludeDirectory(const std::string& dir,
&dagChecker), result);
std::set<cmTarget const*> uniqueDeps;
li = impl->Libraries.begin(); li != impl->Libraries.end(); ++li)
std::vector<cmTarget const*> const& deps =
for(std::vector<cmTarget const*>::const_iterator
li = deps.begin(), le = deps.end(); li != le; ++li)
cmTarget const* tgt = li->Target;
if (!tgt)
if (uniqueDeps.insert(tgt).second)
handleSystemIncludesDep(this->Makefile, tgt, config, this->Target,
&dagChecker, result, excludeImported);
std::vector<cmTarget const*> deps;
tgt->GetTransitivePropertyTargets(config, this->Target, deps);
for(std::vector<cmTarget const*>::const_iterator di = deps.begin();
di != deps.end(); ++di)
if (uniqueDeps.insert(*di).second)
handleSystemIncludesDep(this->Makefile, *di, config, this->Target,
&dagChecker, result, excludeImported);
handleSystemIncludesDep(this->Makefile, *li, config, this->Target,
&dagChecker, result, excludeImported);
std::set<std::string> unique;
for(std::vector<std::string>::iterator li = result.begin();
li != result.end(); ++li)
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