Commit f6fd0abc authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King 💬
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Genex: Diagnose invalid LINK_ONLY usage instead of crashing

When `$<LINK_ONLY:...>` is used outside of linking we may evaluate it
without a `dagChecker`.  Do not dereference the NULL pointer and issue a
diagnostic instead.

Closes: #16287
parent f6428725
......@@ -672,15 +672,20 @@ static const struct LinkOnlyNode : public cmGeneratorExpressionNode
LinkOnlyNode() {}
std::string Evaluate(const std::vector<std::string>& parameters,
cmGeneratorExpressionContext* /*context*/,
const GeneratorExpressionContent* /*content*/,
cmGeneratorExpressionContext* context,
const GeneratorExpressionContent* content,
cmGeneratorExpressionDAGChecker* dagChecker) const
if (!dagChecker) {
reportError(context, content->GetOriginalExpression(),
"$<LINK_ONLY:...> may only be used for linking");
return std::string();
if (!dagChecker->GetTransitivePropertiesOnly()) {
return parameters.front();
return "";
return std::string();
} linkOnlyNode;
CMake Error at LINK_ONLY-not-linking.cmake:1 \(add_custom_target\):
Error evaluating generator expression:
\$<LINK_ONLY:...> may only be used for linking
Call Stack \(most recent call first\):
CMakeLists.txt:3 \(include\)
add_custom_target(Custom ALL COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E echo $<LINK_ONLY:something>)
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ run_cmake(COMPILE_LANGUAGE-unknown-lang)
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