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Commit f59e8779 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly

cmGlobalGenerator: Add API to get settings from top-level cmMakefile

At generate-time, definitions are sometimes read from a nearby cmMakefile,
making the value directory-specific because they are read once per
directory.  Often however, the intention is more
often to create a 'global' setting, such that the user writes for


once at the top level of their project.

Many of these are also set by internal platform files, such as

The set() definitions are not really suitable for 'global' settings
because they can be different for each directory, and code consuming the
settings must assume they are different for each directory, and read it
freshly each time with new allocations.

CMake has other variable types which are global in scope, such as global
properties, and cache variables.  These are less convenient to populate
for users, so establish a convention and API using the value as it is at
the end of the top-level CMakeLists file.
parent b99bbfe8
......@@ -1007,6 +1007,25 @@ void cmGlobalGenerator::FillExtensionToLanguageMap(const std::string& l,
const char* cmGlobalGenerator::GetGlobalSetting(std::string const& name) const
return this->Makefiles[0]->GetDefinition(name);
bool cmGlobalGenerator::GlobalSettingIsOn(std::string const& name) const
return this->Makefiles[0]->IsOn(name);
const char* cmGlobalGenerator::GetSafeGlobalSetting(
std::string const& name) const
return this->Makefiles[0]->GetSafeDefinition(name);
bool cmGlobalGenerator::IgnoreFile(const char* ext) const
if (!this->GetLanguageFromExtension(ext).empty()) {
......@@ -194,6 +194,10 @@ public:
cmExportSetMap& GetExportSets() { return this->ExportSets; }
const char* GetGlobalSetting(std::string const& name) const;
bool GlobalSettingIsOn(std::string const& name) const;
const char* GetSafeGlobalSetting(std::string const& name) const;
/** Add a file to the manifest of generated targets for a configuration. */
void AddToManifest(std::string const& f);
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