Commit f3cedf38 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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VS: Revert "Use MSBuild matching toolset host architecture"

Revert commit da402a08 (VS: Use MSBuild matching toolset host
architecture, 2019-01-28, v3.14.0-rc1~50^2).  Multiple people have
reported that the 64-bit `amd64/msbuild` tool fails in cases that the
32-bit `msbuild` works.  Drop our change pending further investigation
and hopefully a fix to VS.

Fixes: #18904, #19037
Issue: #18219
parent f96f1aa5
......@@ -478,18 +478,6 @@ std::string cmGlobalVisualStudioVersionedGenerator::FindMSBuildCommand()
// Ask Visual Studio Installer tool.
std::string vs;
if (vsSetupAPIHelper.GetVSInstanceInfo(vs)) {
std::string const& hostArch =
if (hostArch == "x64") {
msbuild = vs + "/MSBuild/Current/Bin/amd64/MSBuild.exe";
if (cmSystemTools::FileExists(msbuild)) {
return msbuild;
msbuild = vs + "/MSBuild/15.0/Bin/amd64/MSBuild.exe";
if (cmSystemTools::FileExists(msbuild)) {
return msbuild;
msbuild = vs + "/MSBuild/Current/Bin/MSBuild.exe";
if (cmSystemTools::FileExists(msbuild)) {
return msbuild;
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