Commit f1aa026f authored by Peter Kuemmel's avatar Peter Kuemmel
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Ninja: build with old vc versions

parent eda30754
......@@ -833,7 +833,7 @@ void cmGlobalNinjaGenerator::AddTargetAlias(const std::string& alias,
// Insert the alias into the map. If the alias was already present in the
// map and referred to another target, mark it as ambiguous.
std::pair<TargetAliasMap::iterator, bool> newAlias =
TargetAliases.insert(make_pair(alias, target));
TargetAliases.insert(std::make_pair(alias, target));
if (newAlias.second && newAlias.first->second != target)
newAlias.first->second = 0;
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