Commit eec7834e authored by Роман Донченко's avatar Роман Донченко Committed by Brad King
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list: Fix docs for APPEND to show that elements are optional

list(APPEND) has been able to append nothing since commit a06dcdba
(Allow LIST(APPEND) command to append nothing, 2008-01-16) but the
documentation still used to imply that at least one argument is
parent 2a96e374
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ public:
" list(LENGTH <list> <output variable>)\n"
" list(GET <list> <element index> [<element index> ...]\n"
" <output variable>)\n"
" list(APPEND <list> <element> [<element> ...])\n"
" list(APPEND <list> [<element> ...])\n"
" list(FIND <list> <value> <output variable>)\n"
" list(INSERT <list> <element_index> <element> [<element> ...])\n"
" list(REMOVE_ITEM <list> <value> [<value> ...])\n"
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