Commit ed632736 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly Committed by Brad King
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Help: Note that std::string::clear may not be used.

As found in commit 519c0a5d (Can't use std::string::clear() in
cmake., 2012-09-15).
parent cc04bb6c
......@@ -33,17 +33,19 @@ The ``at()`` member function of ``std::vector`` may not be used. Use
int i1 =; // Wrong
int i2 = someVec[5]; // Ok
std::string::append and std::string::clear
The ``append()`` member function of ``std::string`` may not be used. Use
``operator+=`` instead:
The ``append()`` and ``clear()`` member functions of ``std::string`` may not
be used. Use ``operator+=`` and ``operator=`` instead:
.. code-block:: c++
std::string stringBuilder;
stringBuilder.append("chunk"); // Wrong
stringBuilder.clear(); // Wrong
stringBuilder += "chunk"; // Ok
stringBuilder = ""; // Ok
std::set const iterators
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