Commit ea9a3760 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Remove unused 'class cmake' members

* The `InTryCompile` member has been unused since commit 62854e99
  (cmState: Move try_compile state from cmake class., 2015-04-11,

* The `ConvertMessageType` and `IsMessageTypeVisible` members have been
  unused since commit 421012a3 (cmMessenger: Extract from cmake class,
  2016-01-28, v3.7.0-rc1~222^2~1).

* The `InitializeProperties` member has been unused since commit
  de722d7d (Move property initialization to cmState., 2015-04-06,

Co-Author: Vitaly Stakhovsky <>
parent 748d0245
......@@ -443,7 +443,6 @@ public:
void RunCheckForUnusedVariables();
void InitializeProperties();
int HandleDeleteCacheVariables(const std::string& var);
typedef std::vector<cmGlobalGeneratorFactory*> RegisteredGeneratorsVector;
......@@ -486,7 +485,6 @@ protected:
ProgressCallbackType ProgressCallback;
bool InTryCompile;
WorkingMode CurrentWorkingMode;
bool DebugOutput;
bool Trace;
......@@ -534,18 +532,6 @@ private:
void AppendGlobalGeneratorsDocumentation(std::vector<cmDocumentationEntry>&);
void AppendExtraGeneratorsDocumentation(std::vector<cmDocumentationEntry>&);
* Convert a message type between a warning and an error, based on the state
* of the error output CMake variables, in the cache.
MessageType ConvertMessageType(MessageType t) const;
* Check if messages of this type should be output, based on the state of the
* warning and error output CMake variables, in the cache.
bool IsMessageTypeVisible(MessageType t) const;
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