Commit ea4416cf authored by Alexandru Ciobanu's avatar Alexandru Ciobanu Committed by Brad King

CTest: Match valgrind errors with "points to" (#12922)

Teach CTest to match valgrind errors of the format
"Syscall param ... points to uninitialised byte(s)".
parent 62952bc9
......@@ -679,7 +679,7 @@ bool cmCTestMemCheckHandler::ProcessMemCheckValgrindOutput(
" bytes in [0-9,]+ blocks are definitely lost"
" in loss record [0-9,]+ of [0-9,]+");
cmsys::RegularExpression vgPAR(
"== .*Syscall param .* contains unaddressable byte\\(s\\)");
"== .*Syscall param .* (contains|points to) unaddressable byte\\(s\\)");
cmsys::RegularExpression vgMPK1(
"== .*[0-9,]+ bytes in [0-9,]+ blocks are possibly lost in"
" loss record [0-9,]+ of [0-9,]+");
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