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Merge topic 'maint_clarify_merge_process'


 maint: Add further details about merging topics to release branch
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......@@ -51,15 +51,18 @@ using a local branch named ``release-$ver``, where ``$ver`` is the version
number of the current release in the form ``$major.$minor``. It is always
merged into ``master`` before publishing.
To merge some ``$topic`` branch into ``release``, first create the local
Before merging a ``$topic`` branch into ``release``, verify that the
``$topic`` branch has already been merged to ``master`` via the usual
``Do: merge`` process. Then, to merge the ``$topic`` branch into
``release``, start by creating the local branch:
.. code-block:: shell
git fetch origin
git checkout -b release-$ver origin/release
Merge the ``$topic`` branch into the local ``release-$ver`` branch:
Merge the ``$topic`` branch into the local ``release-$ver`` branch, making
sure to include a ``Merge-request: !xxxx`` footer in the commit message:
.. code-block:: shell
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