Commit e4181eea authored by Alexander Grund's avatar Alexander Grund Committed by Brad King
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FindBoost: Don't overwrite Boost_${_comp}_FOUND

Is set in Boost >= 1.71 so don't overwrite it
parent 4cb652e1
......@@ -276,15 +276,17 @@ if (NOT Boost_NO_BOOST_CMAKE)
# If we found a boost cmake package, then we're done. Print out what we found.
# Otherwise let the rest of the module try to find it.
# Neither the legacy boost-cmake nor the new builtin BoostConfig (as in 1.70)
# report the found components in the standard variables, so we need to convert
# them here
# Convert component found variables to standard variables if required
# Necessary for legacy boost-cmake and 1.70 builtin BoostConfig
foreach(_comp IN LISTS Boost_FIND_COMPONENTS)
if(DEFINED Boost_${_comp}_FOUND)
string(TOUPPER ${_comp} _uppercomp)
if(DEFINED Boost${_comp}_FOUND)
if(DEFINED Boost${_comp}_FOUND) # legacy boost-cmake project
set(Boost_${_comp}_FOUND ${Boost${_comp}_FOUND})
elseif(DEFINED Boost_${_uppercomp}_FOUND)
elseif(DEFINED Boost_${_uppercomp}_FOUND) # Boost 1.70
set(Boost_${_comp}_FOUND ${Boost_${_uppercomp}_FOUND})
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