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Find GDAL.
Result Variables
Locate gdal
This module will set the following variables in your project:
This module accepts the following environment variables:
True if GDAL is found.
Include directories for GDAL headers.
Libraries to link to GDAL.
Cache variables
GDAL_DIR or GDAL_ROOT - Specify the location of GDAL
The following cache variables may also be set:
The libgdal library file.
The directory containing ``gdal.h``.
This module defines the following CMake variables:
GDAL_FOUND - True if libgdal is found
GDAL_LIBRARY - A variable pointing to the GDAL library
GDAL_INCLUDE_DIR - Where to find the headers
Set ``GDAL_DIR`` or ``GDAL_ROOT`` in the environment to specify the
GDAL installation prefix.
# $GDALDIR is an environment variable that would
# correspond to the ./configure --prefix=$GDAL_DIR
# used in building gdal.
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