Commit dbc0f63d authored by Eric Berge's avatar Eric Berge Committed by Brad King
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ProcessorCount: Update for HPUX 11iv3

parent b1380ccc
......@@ -103,6 +103,10 @@ function(ProcessorCount var)
OUTPUT_VARIABLE machinfo_output)
string(REGEX MATCHALL "Number of CPUs = ([0-9]+)" procs "${machinfo_output}")
set(count "${CMAKE_MATCH_1}")
if(NOT count)
string(REGEX MATCHALL "([0-9]+) logical processors" procs "${machinfo_output}")
set(count "${CMAKE_MATCH_1}")
#message("ProcessorCount: trying machinfo '${ProcessorCount_cmd_machinfo}'")
find_program(ProcessorCount_cmd_mpsched mpsched)
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