Commit db35e3cf authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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VS: Fix support for '/guard:cf' linker flag for v142

Apply the change from commit 57a78b55 (VS: Fix support for '/guard:cf'
linker flag, 2018-11-21) to the v142 flag table.

Although `$(VCTargetsPath)/1033/link.xml` contains an entry for
`LinkControlFlowGuard`, it does not work when used in a `.vcxproj` file
(at least as of v140 and v141).  Drop our link flag table entries for
these toolsets so that the flag will be passed via `AdditionalOptions`.
parent 533f95c8
......@@ -546,13 +546,6 @@
"value": "SystemDlls",
"flags": []
"name": "LinkControlFlowGuard",
"switch": "guard:cf",
"comment": "Enable Security Check with Guard",
"value": "Guard",
"flags": []
"name": "LinkIncremental",
"switch": "INCREMENTAL:NO",
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