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VS: Do not fail on Windows 10 with VS 2015 if no SDK is available (#15929)

Since commit v3.4.0-rc1~5^2~1 (VS: Add support for selecting the Windows
10 SDK, 2015-09-30) the VS 2015 generator requires a Windows 10 SDK to
be available when CMAKE_SYSTEM_VERSION specifies Windows 10 (e.g.  when
building on a Windows 10 host).  Howewver, it is possible to install VS
2015 without any Windows 10 SDK.  Instead of failing with an error
message about the lack of a Windows 10 SDK, simply tolerate this case
and use the default Windows 8.1 SDK.  Since building for Windows Store
still requires the SDK, retain the diagnostic in that case.
parent a57caf7e
......@@ -8,4 +8,5 @@ specification of a target Windows version to select a corresponding SDK.
The :variable:`CMAKE_SYSTEM_VERSION` variable may be set to specify a
version. Otherwise CMake computes a default version based on the Windows
SDK versions available. The chosen Windows target version number is provided
is available this value will be empty.
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ bool cmGlobalVisualStudio14Generator::InitializeWindows(cmMakefile* mf)
if (cmHasLiteralPrefix(this->SystemVersion, "10.0"))
return this->SelectWindows10SDK(mf);
return this->SelectWindows10SDK(mf, false);
return true;
......@@ -143,17 +143,18 @@ bool cmGlobalVisualStudio14Generator::InitializeWindowsStore(cmMakefile* mf)
if (cmHasLiteralPrefix(this->SystemVersion, "10.0"))
return this->SelectWindows10SDK(mf);
return this->SelectWindows10SDK(mf, true);
return true;
bool cmGlobalVisualStudio14Generator::SelectWindows10SDK(cmMakefile* mf)
bool cmGlobalVisualStudio14Generator::SelectWindows10SDK(cmMakefile* mf,
bool required)
// Find the default version of the Windows 10 SDK.
this->WindowsTargetPlatformVersion = this->GetWindows10SDKVersion();
if (this->WindowsTargetPlatformVersion.empty())
if (required && this->WindowsTargetPlatformVersion.empty())
std::ostringstream e;
e << "Could not find an appropriate version of the Windows 10 SDK"
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ protected:
bool IsWindowsStoreToolsetInstalled() const;
virtual const char* GetIDEVersion() { return "14.0"; }
virtual bool SelectWindows10SDK(cmMakefile* mf);
virtual bool SelectWindows10SDK(cmMakefile* mf, bool required);
// Used to verify that the Desktop toolset for the current generator is
// installed on the machine.
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