Commit d7bbfa41 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King Committed by Kitware Robot
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Merge topic 'fix-read-after-free'

5b2c2d2f Merge branch 'backport-fix-read-after-free' into fix-read-after-free
23ffb72a cmake: Fix read-after-free while checking command-line arguments
fe44f057 cmake: Fix read-after-free while checking command-line arguments
parents 38befe39 5b2c2d2f
......@@ -343,16 +343,24 @@ bool cmake::SetCacheArgs(const std::vector<std::string>& args)
// The value is transformed if it is a filepath for example, so
// we can't compare whether the value is already in the cache until
// after we call AddCacheEntry.
const char *cachedValue =
bool haveValue = false;
std::string cachedValue;
if(const char *v = this->CacheManager->GetCacheValue(var))
haveValue = true;
cachedValue = v;
this->CacheManager->AddCacheEntry(var, value.c_str(),
"No help, variable specified on the command line.", type);
if (!cachedValue
|| strcmp(this->CacheManager->GetCacheValue(var),
cachedValue) != 0)
if (!haveValue ||
cachedValue != this->CacheManager->GetCacheValue(var))
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