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Merge topic 'ninja-comment-ComputeLinkCmd'

de7083f3 Ninja: Document why ComputeLinkCmd is structured the way it is.
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......@@ -332,6 +332,9 @@ std::vector<std::string> cmNinjaNormalTargetGenerator::ComputeLinkCmd()
std::vector<std::string> linkCmds;
cmMakefile* mf = this->GetMakefile();
// If we have a rule variable prefer it. In the case of static libraries
// this occurs when things like IPO is enabled, and we need to use the
// CMAKE_<lang>_CREATE_STATIC_LIBRARY_IPO define instead.
std::string linkCmdVar = this->GetGeneratorTarget()->GetCreateRuleVariable(
this->TargetLinkLanguage, this->GetConfigName());
const char* linkCmd = mf->GetDefinition(linkCmdVar);
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