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Help: Clarify VS_STARTUP_PROJECT documentation

Explain in what directory the property should be set to affect the
corresponding ``.sln`` file.
Suggested-by: Stephen Kelly's avatarStephen Kelly <>
parent 9f3546bb
......@@ -3,10 +3,16 @@ VS_STARTUP_PROJECT
Specify the default startup project in a Visual Studio solution.
The :ref:`Visual Studio Generators` create a ``.sln`` file for each directory
whose ``CMakeLists.txt`` file calls the :command:`project` command. Set this
property in the same directory as a :command:`project` command call (e.g. in
the top-level ``CMakeLists.txt`` file) to specify the default startup project
for the correpsonding solution file.
The property must be set to the name of an existing target. This
will cause that project to be listed first in the generated solution
file causing Visual Studio to make it the startup project if the
solution has never been opened before.
If this property is not specified, then the "ALL_BUILD" project
If this property is not specified, then the ``ALL_BUILD`` project
will be the default.
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