Commit d2536579 authored by Alexander Neundorf's avatar Alexander Neundorf Committed by Brad King
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Automoc: fix regression #13667, broken build in phonon

On some systems, ${QT_INCLUDE_DIR} is reported by gcc as a builtin
include search dir. Some projects use this information to extend
In cmake 2.8.10 now the targets are queried for the include directories
they use. When they return the result, the include dirs contained in
In cmake 2.8.9 and below the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES directory property
was queried, where this had not been stripped.
So, in those projects which modify the implicit include dirs variable,
on systems where ${QT_INCLUDE_DIR} is reported by gcc, this directory,
e.g. /usr/lib/include/qt/, was not given anymore to moc. This made moc
not find required headers, so the build broke.
is no solution either, since moc can't handle some of the headers it
finds then (
So now cmake checks CMAKE_CXX_IMPLICIT_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES, and if this
contains ${QT_INCLUDE_DIR}, and the target reports that it uses
is added to the include dirs given to moc.

parent f058b275
......@@ -195,6 +195,34 @@ void cmQtAutomoc::SetupAutomocTarget(cmTarget* target)
const char* qtIncDir = 0;
const char* qtCoreIncDir = 0;
// check whether ${QT_INCLUDE_DIR} is part of the implicit include dirs,
// see
bool qtIncludeDirMayHaveBeenRemoved = false;
if (makefile->IsSet("QT_INCLUDE_DIR"))
qtIncDir = makefile->GetDefinition("QT_INCLUDE_DIR");
std::string s =
std::vector<std::string> implIncDirs;
cmSystemTools::ExpandListArgument(s, implIncDirs);
if (std::find(implIncDirs.begin(), implIncDirs.end(),std::string(qtIncDir))
!= implIncDirs.end())
qtIncludeDirMayHaveBeenRemoved = true;
if (makefile->IsSet("QT_QTCORE_INCLUDE_DIR"))
qtCoreIncDir = makefile->GetDefinition("QT_QTCORE_INCLUDE_DIR");
bool haveQtCoreIncDir = false;
bool haveQtIncDir = false;
std::vector<std::string> includeDirs;
cmGeneratorTarget gtgt(target);
localGen->GetIncludeDirectories(includeDirs, &gtgt, "CXX");
......@@ -207,6 +235,37 @@ void cmQtAutomoc::SetupAutomocTarget(cmTarget* target)
_moc_incs += sep;
sep = ";";
_moc_incs += *incDirIt;
if (qtIncludeDirMayHaveBeenRemoved && qtCoreIncDir && qtIncDir) // #13667
if (*incDirIt == qtIncDir)
haveQtIncDir = true;
qtIncludeDirMayHaveBeenRemoved = false; // it's here, i.e. not removed
if (*incDirIt == qtCoreIncDir)
haveQtCoreIncDir = true;
// Some projects (kdelibs, phonon) query the compiler for its default
// include search dirs, and add those to
// These may include e.g./usr/lib/qt/include . This is typically also part
// of ${QT_INCLUDES}. If this directory is then contained in the implicit
// include dirs, it is removed from the include dirs returned from the
// target above. So we add ${QT_INCLUDE_DIR} manually for moc if we detected
// that ${QT_QTCORE_INCLUDE_DIR} is among the include dirs (there shouldn't
// be a way to use Qt4 without using ${QT_QTCORE_INCLUDE_DIR} I think.
// See #13646 and #13667.
if (qtIncludeDirMayHaveBeenRemoved && qtCoreIncDir && qtIncDir
&& (haveQtCoreIncDir == true) && (haveQtIncDir == false))
_moc_incs += sep;
sep = ";";
_moc_incs += qtIncDir;
const char* tmp = target->GetProperty("COMPILE_DEFINITIONS");
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