Commit ceff6ec5 authored by Nicolas Despres's avatar Nicolas Despres
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ccmake: Factor toggle key help instructions.

parent 19da1062
......@@ -427,15 +427,13 @@ void cmCursesMainForm::PrintKeys(int process /* = 0 */)
sprintf(firstLine, "Press [c] to configure ");
if (this->AdvancedMode)
sprintf(thirdLine, "Press [t] to toggle advanced mode (Currently On)");
sprintf(thirdLine, "Press [t] to toggle advanced mode (Currently Off)");
const char* toggleKeyInstruction =
"Press [t] to toggle advanced mode (Currently %s)";
this->AdvancedMode ? "On" : "Off");
"Press [h] for help "
"Press [q] to quit without generating");
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