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ENH: Documented use of \1 syntax in replace expression.

parent 781a1eaa
......@@ -92,7 +92,10 @@ public:
"possible and store the matches in the output variable as a list.\n"
"REGEX REPLACE will match the regular expression as many times as "
"possible and substitute the replacement expression for the match "
"in the output.\n"
"in the output. The replace expression may refer to paren-delimited "
"subexpressions of the match using \\1, \\2, ..., \\9. Note that "
"two backslashes (\\\\1) are required in CMake code to get a "
"backslash through argument parsing.\n"
"COMPARE EQUAL/NOTEQUAL/LESS/GREATER will compare the strings and "
"store true or false in the output variable.\n"
"ASCII will convert all numbers into corresponding ASCII characters.\n"
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