Commit c8b2c317 authored by Alexander Neundorf's avatar Alexander Neundorf
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BUG: fix #8105: don't hardcode "gcc" and "make" but use CMAKE_C_COMPILER and


parent fcc97a4f
......@@ -699,7 +699,7 @@ void cmExtraEclipseCDT4Generator::CreateCProjectFile() const
this->AppendStorageScanners(fout, *mf);
fout << "</cconfiguration>\n"
......@@ -810,8 +810,23 @@ std::string cmExtraEclipseCDT4Generator::EscapeForXML(const std::string& value)
// Helper functions
void cmExtraEclipseCDT4Generator
::AppendStorageScanners(cmGeneratedFileStream& fout)
::AppendStorageScanners(cmGeneratedFileStream& fout,
const cmMakefile& makefile)
// we need the "make" and the C (or C++) compiler which are used, Alex
std::string make = makefile.GetRequiredDefinition("CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM");
std::string compiler = makefile.GetSafeDefinition("CMAKE_C_COMPILER");
if (compiler.empty())
compiler = makefile.GetSafeDefinition("CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER");
if (compiler.empty()) //Hmm, what to do now ?
compiler = "gcc";
// the following right now hardcodes gcc behaviour :-/
fout <<
"<storageModule moduleId=\"scannerConfiguration\">\n"
"<autodiscovery enabled=\"true\" problemReportingEnabled=\"true\""
......@@ -822,12 +837,12 @@ void cmExtraEclipseCDT4Generator
true, "", true, "specsFile",
"-E -P -v -dD ${plugin_state_location}/${specs_file}",
"gcc", true, true);
compiler, true, true);
true, "", true, "makefileGenerator",
"-f ${project_name}",
"make", true, true);
make, true, true);
fout << "</storageModule>\n";
......@@ -87,7 +87,8 @@ private:
static std::string EscapeForXML(const std::string& value);
// Helper functions
static void AppendStorageScanners(cmGeneratedFileStream& fout);
static void AppendStorageScanners(cmGeneratedFileStream& fout,
const cmMakefile& makefile);
static void AppendTarget (cmGeneratedFileStream& fout,
const std::string& target,
const std::string& make);
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