Commit c58f5e11 authored by Bartosz Kosiorek's avatar Bartosz Kosiorek Committed by Brad King
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ExternalProject: Extend documentation about GIT_TAG usage

When GIT_SHALLOW is used, the '--depth 1 --no-single-branch'
arguments are add. It means that only branch names and tags
is downloaded to repository. Most Commit Hash is not working.
With this commit the documentation was updated, to describe
the limitation of GIT_SHALLOW.
parent 8355665f
......@@ -251,6 +251,9 @@ External Project Definition
The lack of such deterministic behavior makes the main project lose
traceability and repeatability.
If ``GIT_SHALLOW`` is enabled then ``GIT_TAG`` works only with
branch names and tags. A commit hash is not allowed.
``GIT_REMOTE_NAME <name>``
The optional name of the remote. If this option is not specified, it
defaults to ``origin``.
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