Commit c44dfdfd authored by John Drouhard's avatar John Drouhard Committed by Brad King
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FindBoost: Add check for json component header in Boost 1.75+

In commit 82930647 (FindBoost: Add support for Boost 1.75, 2021-02-03,
v3.19.5~9^2) the dependencies of the json component were added, but the
header listing was left out.
parent 105b01b8
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......@@ -1405,6 +1405,7 @@ function(_Boost_COMPONENT_HEADERS component _hdrs)
set(_Boost_LOCALE_HEADERS "boost/locale.hpp")
set(_Boost_LOG_HEADERS "boost/log/core.hpp")
set(_Boost_LOG_SETUP_HEADERS "boost/log/detail/setup_config.hpp")
set(_Boost_JSON_HEADERS "boost/json.hpp")
set(_Boost_MATH_HEADERS "boost/math_fwd.hpp")
set(_Boost_MATH_C99_HEADERS "boost/math/tr1.hpp")
set(_Boost_MATH_C99F_HEADERS "boost/math/tr1.hpp")
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