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Module to find tools from the ImageMagick package.

These tools are useful for converting image formats.
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# This module finds if ImageMagick tools are installed and determines
# where the executables are. This code sets the following variables:
# IMAGEMAGICK_CONVERT_EXECUTABLE = the full path to the 'convert' utility
# IMAGEMAGICK_MOGRIFY_EXECUTABLE = the full path to the 'mogrify' utility
# IMAGEMAGICK_IMPORT_EXECUTABLE = the full path to the 'import' utility
# IMAGEMAGICK_MONTAGE_EXECUTABLE = the full path to the 'montage' utility
# IMAGEMAGICK_COMPOSITE_EXECUTABLE = the full path to the 'composite' utility
NAMES convert
NAMES mogrify
NAMES import
NAMES montage
NAMES composite
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