Commit c1e791ce authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

BUG: Fix find_package docs for refind feature

Recently we taught find_package to re-find a package configuration file
if it is given a wrong answer.  This fixes the documentation to reflect
the change.
parent d602a3db
......@@ -155,8 +155,7 @@ cmFindPackageCommand::cmFindPackageCommand()
"argument is specified. If REQUIRED is specified and the package "
"is not found a fatal error is generated and the configure step stops "
"executing. If <package>_DIR has been set to a directory not containing "
"a configuration file a fatal error is always generated because user "
"intervention is required."
"a configuration file CMake will ignore it and search from scratch."
"When the [version] argument is given Config mode will only find a "
"version of the package that claims compatibility with the requested "
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