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ENH: Another attempt at getting cmCopyFile to work correctly. The previous...

ENH: Another attempt at getting cmCopyFile to work correctly.  The previous implementation was correct, but didn't work on HPUX due to stream library bugs.  This implementation will hopefully work everywhere.
parent 5cd08d05
......@@ -843,22 +843,14 @@ bool cmSystemTools::FilesDiffer(const char* source,
* Copy a file named by "source" to the file named by "destination". This
* implementation makes correct use of the C++ standard file streams to
* perfectly copy any file with lines of any length (even binary files).
* Copy a file named by "source" to the file named by "destination".
void cmSystemTools::cmCopyFile(const char* source,
const char* destination)
// Buffer length is only for block size. Any file would still be copied
// correctly if this were as small as 2.
const int buffer_length = 4096;
char buffer[buffer_length];
std::ifstream fin(source,
#ifdef _WIN32
std::ios::binary |
const int bufferSize = 4096;
char buffer[bufferSize];
std::ifstream fin(source, std::ios::binary | std::ios::in);
cmSystemTools::Error("CopyFile failed to open input file \"",
......@@ -866,38 +858,25 @@ void cmSystemTools::cmCopyFile(const char* source,
std::ofstream fout(destination,
#ifdef _WIN32
std::ios::binary |
std::ios::out | std::ios::trunc);
std::ios::binary | std::ios::out | std::ios::trunc);
cmSystemTools::Error("CopyFile failed to open output file \"",
destination, "\"");
while(fin.getline(buffer, buffer_length, '\n') || fin.gcount())
// This copy loop is very sensitive on certain platforms with
// slightly broken stream libraries (like HPUX). Normally, it is
// incorrect to not check the error condition on the
// before using the data, but the fin.gcount() will be zero if an
// error occurred. Therefore, the loop should be safe everywhere.
unsigned long count = fin.gcount();
// Final line, but with no newline.
fout.write(buffer, count);
else if ( count == buffer_length - 1 )
// Part of a line longer than our buffer, clear the fail bit of
// the stream so that we can continue.
fin.clear(fin.rdstate() & ~std::ios::failbit);
fout.write(buffer, count);
else, bufferSize);
// Line on which a newline was encountered. It was read from
// the stream, but not stored.
fout.write(buffer, count);
fout << '\n';
fout.write(buffer, fin.gcount());
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