Commit b7daff9b authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

setup-stage: Optionally reconfigure topic stage

When the topic stage has already been configured present the current
configuration and prompt for optional reconfiguration.  While at it,
make the topic stage remote name configurable by the project.
parent 7e293acc
......@@ -37,17 +37,43 @@ die() {
cd "${BASH_SOURCE%/*}" &&
# Load the project configuration.
url=$(git config -f config --get stage.url) &&
pushurl=$(git config -f config --get stage.pushurl || echo '') ||
fetchurl=$(git config -f config --get stage.url) &&
pushurl_=$(git config -f config --get stage.pushurl || echo '') &&
remote=$(git config -f config --get stage.remote || echo 'stage') ||
die 'This project is not configured to use a topic stage.'
# Configure the remote if necessary.
if git config remote.stage.url >/dev/null; then
echo 'Topic stage already configured.'
# Get current stage push URL.
pushurl=$(git config --get remote."$remote".pushurl ||
git config --get remote."$remote".url || echo '') &&
# Tell user about current configuration.
if test -n "$pushurl"; then
echo 'Remote "'"$remote"'" is currently configured to push to
' &&
read -ep 'Reconfigure Topic Stage? [y/N]: ' ans &&
if [ "$ans" == "y" ] || [ "$ans" == "Y" ]; then
# Perform setup if necessary.
if test -n "$setup"; then
echo 'Setting up the topic stage...' &&
git remote add stage "$url" &&
if test -n "$pushurl"; then
git config remote.stage.pushurl "$pushurl"
fi || die 'Could not add the topic stage remote.'
if test -z "$pushurl"; then
git remote add "$remote" "$fetchurl"
git config remote."$remote".url "$fetchurl"
fi &&
pushurl="${pushurl_}" &&
git config remote."$remote".pushurl "$pushurl" &&
echo 'Remote "'"$remote"'" is now configured to push to
fi || die 'Could not configure the topic stage remote.'
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