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Xcode: Fix object library references in multi-project trees (#13452)

In cmGlobalXCodeGenerator::Generate we generate a .xcodeproj for each
directory in the tree containing a project() command.  First we
iteratively use SetGenerationRoot to add "ALL_BUILD" and other targets
to each project.  This leaves "CurrentProject" set to the last project
when we invoke cmGlobalGenerator::Generate, which is not the same as the
top-level project if any subdirectories invoke the project() command.

When cmGlobalGenerator::Generate reaches CreateGeneratorTargets it
constructs cmGeneratorTarget and calls ComputeTargetObjects exactly once
per target.  In this context the value of CurrentProject is undefined so
we cannot pass it to GetObjectsNormalDirectory.  Use "$(PROJECT_NAME)"
instead so it will adapt automatically to each project.

Also teach Tests/ObjectLibrary to cover this case.
parent 896524e1
......@@ -3739,7 +3739,7 @@ cmGlobalXCodeGenerator
const char* configName = this->GetCMakeCFGIntDir();
std::string dir = this->GetObjectsNormalDirectory(
this->CurrentProject, configName, gt->Target);
"$(PROJECT_NAME)", configName, gt->Target);
if(this->XcodeVersion >= 21)
dir += "$(CURRENT_ARCH)/";
# Add -fPIC so objects can be used in shared libraries.
# TODO: Need property for this.
if("${CMAKE_GENERATOR}" MATCHES "Visual Studio 6")
# VS 6 generator does not use per-target object locations.
set(vs6 _vs6)
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