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Fix some typos in CPACK_SET_DESTDIR doc

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......@@ -44,14 +44,14 @@ void cmCPackDocumentVariables::DefineVariables(cmake* cm)
"Boolean toggle to make CPack use DESTDIR mechanism when"
" packaging.", "DESTDIR means DESTination DIRectory."
" It is commonly used by makefile "
"users in order to install software at non-default location. It a"
"basic relocation mechanism. "
"users in order to install software at non-default location. It "
"is a basic relocation mechanism. "
"It is usually invoked like this:\n"
" make DESTDIR=/home/john install\n"
"which will install the concerned software using the"
" installation prefix, e.g. \"/usr/local\" prepended with "
"the DESTDIR value which finally gives \"/home/john/usr/local\"."
" When preparing a package CPack first installs the items to be "
" When preparing a package, CPack first installs the items to be "
"packaged in a local (to the build tree) directory by using the "
"same DESTDIR mechanism. Nevertheless, if "
"CPACK_SET_DESTDIR is set then CPack will set DESTDIR before"
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ void cmCPackDocumentVariables::DefineVariables(cmake* cm)
"Manually setting CPACK_SET_DESTDIR may help (or simply be"
" necessary) if some install rules uses absolute "
"DESTINATION (see CMake INSTALL command)."
"However, starting with"
" However, starting with"
" CPack/CMake 2.8.3 RPM and DEB installers tries to handle DESTDIR"
" automatically so that it is seldom necessary for the user to set"
" it.", false,
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