Commit ae1cbff0 authored by Betsy McPhail's avatar Betsy McPhail Committed by Brad King
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CTest: The "Could not find gcov." message should not be a warning

It now matches the log level of other coverage messages.
parent d5f0b2df
......@@ -928,7 +928,8 @@ int cmCTestCoverageHandler::HandleGCovCoverage(
std::string gcovCommand =
if (gcovCommand.empty()) {
cmCTestLog(this->CTest, WARNING, "Could not find gcov." << std::endl);
cmCTestOptionalLog(this->CTest, HANDLER_VERBOSE_OUTPUT,
"Could not find gcov." << std::endl, this->Quiet);
return 0;
std::string gcovExtraFlags =
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