Commit a935745d authored by Kevin Burge's avatar Kevin Burge Committed by Brad King

cmake-mode.el: treat keywords as symbols

Symbols such as "CHECK_FUNCTION_EXISTS" should not trigger an open block
(due to containing the "word" FUNCTION).  Fix this regression caused by
commit v3.4.0-rc1~292^2~3 (cmake-mode.el: Use `rx' for regexps,
parent 679a5d21
......@@ -70,11 +70,11 @@ set the path with these commands:
(defconst cmake-regex-indented
(rx-to-string `(and bol (* (group (or (regexp ,cmake-regex-token) (any space ?\n)))))))
(defconst cmake-regex-block-open
(rx-to-string `(and bow (or ,@(append cmake-keywords-block-open
(mapcar 'downcase cmake-keywords-block-open))) eow)))
(rx-to-string `(and symbol-start (or ,@(append cmake-keywords-block-open
(mapcar 'downcase cmake-keywords-block-open))) symbol-end)))
(defconst cmake-regex-block-close
(rx-to-string `(and bow (or ,@(append cmake-keywords-block-close
(mapcar 'downcase cmake-keywords-block-close))) eow)))
(rx-to-string `(and symbol-start (or ,@(append cmake-keywords-block-close
(mapcar 'downcase cmake-keywords-block-close))) symbol-end)))
(defconst cmake-regex-close
(rx-to-string `(and bol (* space) (regexp ,cmake-regex-block-close)
(* space) (regexp ,cmake-regex-paren-left))))
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