Commit a7d9c5e7 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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CTestCoverageCollectGCOV: Fix typo in ctest_coverage_collect_gcov docs

Docs added by commit f3e0b6f1 (CTestCoverageCollectGCOV: Add module to
run gcov, 2015-01-14, v3.2.0-rc1~79^2) accidentally called the function
`cdash_coverage_collect_gcov`.  Rename `cdash` to `ctest`.
parent c1d5d5eb
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ This tarball also contains the following:
After generating this tar file, it can be sent to CDash for display with the
:command:`ctest_submit(CDASH_UPLOAD)` command.
.. command:: cdash_coverage_collect_gcov
.. command:: ctest_coverage_collect_gcov
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