Commit a7973ccb authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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VS: Populate `/permissive` flag table entry for v142

Apply the change from commit e0d6d01e (VS: Add flag table entry for
"permissive" flag to disable conformance mode, 2018-12-10) to the
v142 flag table.
parent 049410c0
......@@ -833,10 +833,17 @@
"name": "ConformanceMode",
"switch": "permissive-",
"comment": "Conformance mode",
"comment": "Conformance mode enabled",
"value": "true",
"flags": []
"name": "ConformanceMode",
"switch": "permissive",
"comment": "Conformance mode disabled",
"value": "false",
"flags": []
"name": "TreatWChar_tAsBuiltInType",
"switch": "Zc:wchar_t-",
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